development planning



With the joint efforts of the company's leadership and all employees, we strive to be listed at the end of three years. "To be a first-class enterprise, to create a first-class brand, to provide first-class products and services is our overall goal for long-term development in the future!"

Business objectives:

1. Complete the overall construction of the company's headquarters as soon as possible, so that translucent solar panels can be put into operation as soon as possible, so that they can enter the market smoothly. At the same time, the production of organic fertilizers and straw coal is on schedule, and their production should be promoted as soon as possible to meet the needs of the market.

2. While stabilizing the development of headquarters, we should fully implement the planning of production and sales of all branches and sub-companies.

3. Continuously deepen enterprise reform and initially establish enterprise management system and operation mechanism adapted to market economy.

4. Establish a stable customer base and product sales, actively develop new customers, so that the company's products to nationalization and even internationalization.

5. Recruitment of qualified personnel, formulation of the company's various management systems, a reasonable division of labor. All-round training to adapt to the development of the company's multi-faceted talents, create a harmonious team! Efforts to achieve rapid and stable growth of the company's economy!